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Coral + James

You've Been Egged

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Join us in celebrating Easter with this FREE Printable. It is a fun way to "Egg" your neighbors while also sharing the reason for the Easter Season, that He is Risen!

There are four options that you can use, different colors and sizes to attach to the door of the person you are egging. You can put all of the eggs in a little Easter basket or clear goodie bag, or you can hide the eggs around the yard. Then attach this printable to the eggs or hang it on their door. You can leave this on their porch, or do the good ol' ding dong ditch method! Have fun with this little activity. My kiddos love helping to stuff the eggs with candy or treats. 

Download these printables and print on your own computer or at your local office or copy shop. You can select one or all of the pages to print, it's up to you. Enjoy this Easter activity and share all of your "egging" with us @coralandjames! He is Risen!!!